1. My Mom: A True Story, by Uncle Slick - Part 9

    Chapter 9

    She back down and I stopped cumming and just laid down on mom. I looked at her and said.” I’m sorry once again mom. I wasn’t going to stick my dick in your pussy. She said, ” I know son, but you shot some of you cum up there anyway.” I said with a worried voice. “You won’t have a baby, will you mom?” She laughed and said, “No, honey, I’m on the pill, that can’t happen. I said, “Mom, this is the best time I ever had in my life, it’s better than Christmas.” She laughed and said, “I’m having a pretty good time myself.” I said, “Mom I seen you open your mouth and try to get some of my cum in your mouth, I could aim it little better if that is what you want.”

    She got a shy look on her face and said, “You know Bobby, your cum taste good. I won’t mind to get a load to swallow.” I said, “I’ll jerkoff for you now and aim it at your mouth mom.” Mom said, “I tell you what Bobby, let me slide down some and you slide up closer to my mouth.” I slid up and put my knees up under mom’s armpits and sat my ass back on her tits, god that felt good. She was smiling and looking dead at my hard cock.

    I started to stroke my cock when mom said, “Here Bobby, relax, let me do that for you.” She took hold of my dick so gently and started to milk it long and slow. I was going nuts thinking my own mother is jerking me off. She said, “Now baby, let me know when your going to cum, OK?” I said, “OK mom.” My eyes rolled up behind my lids.

    I started to lean back and forth . Mom started to stroke a little harder. It won’t be long now. I felt the juice start to blow out of my piss hole. I said, “Mom, I’m starting to cum.” She said, “Let her shoot honey, let her shoot that sweet hot cum.” Just mom saying that to me made me cum harder than ever. I leaned my head back and felt the hot cum shoot out of my hard prick. I look down at mom and couldn’t believe my eyes.

    She had just the very tip of my dick in her mouth. She was sucking all that hot cum in her mouth. I could see her cheeks start to fill out, then I seen her swallow. Just seeing mom take my cum in her mouth made me cum that much more. I kept cumming and cumming. Mom took it all. Finally I stopped cumming and twitched around a little. Mom took the tip of my dick out of her mouth and lick her lips and smiled at me. She said, “God Bobby, you came a bucket load son.” I said, “Did I do good mom, did you like it.” She said, “Oh hell yeah boy, your cum as sweet as buttermilk. I could drink it all day.” I said say, “Don’t tell me that mom, I might take you up on it.” We both laughed.

    I said, “I can’t believe you did that mom.” She got a smile on her face and said, “Honey, I been wanting to eat your cum since the first time I seen it squirt out of you cock.” I came back with, “Gee mom, you should of said something back then, I’d been glad to fill your mouth with my cum.” Mom laughed. She said, “We better go get supper started.” I said, “I don’t know mom between your pussy juice and my cum, we shouldn’t be too hungry.” She laughed and said, “Bobby, you just a smart ass, a cute one at that.” I got off the bed then mom got up. I seen my cum start to run out of her pussy and down her leg. It was too much for me to take again. I started to pull on my

    dick. Mom saw what I was doing. She said, “What did I do now?” I said, “I saw my cum run out off your pussy and down your leg mom, I’m going to cum some more.” She walked over to me and got down on her knees. She moved my hand and stuck my whole cock in her mouth. She look up at me a smiled the best she could with my dick in her mouth.

    God it felt good, she started sucking hard and rubbing my balls with her hands. I started to shoot the hot cum again. She grabbed my ass and pulled me tighter to her face. I grabbed her hair a pull her face closer to me. She was moaning and sucking cum. I cumming and moaning. Mom sucked every drop out of my cock. I said, “Mom, you can do that to anytime you like.” She licked her lips again and said, “Bobby baby, I know I can!” She stood up and got her bath robe and headed toward the kitchen. I put my shorts back on went out to help her in the kitchen.

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